Educational Reforms in Niagara Wheatfield, New York

As superintendent of schools in the central district of Niagara Wheatfield, New York, Carl Militello instituted a number of needed changes in secondary education practices. His efforts improved student achievement skills in several key areas. He initiated the district’s first pre-kindergarten program for over 100 children in math and reading literacy. At the elementary level, he began a book-of-the-month club for students and learning clubs for all teachers. He also began tracking performance with data analysis teams.

For middle schools, Carl Militello achieved the highest ranking in western New York for eighth grade basic literacy, according to Business First. He established a ninth grade academy and enhanced character education programs. At the high school level, he inaugurated an alternate schedule for high-achieving students and increased participation in the Scholastic Aptitude Test for seniors and the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test for juniors. For these and other accomplishments the district awarded Militello a five-year contract extension.

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