Change Agents In the World Of Education

Carl Militello is a change agent who specializes in bringing together diverse groups of people and directing them toward a shared goal. While he was superintendent of schools in New York’s Niagara Wheatfield Central School District, Carl Militello engineered a number of innovative changes, including a response to intervention program geared toward high school seniors.

Change agents are important in all fields and industries, but especially in the education system. Whether they are developing new programs to benefit an entire school district or facilitating growth in an individual student, change agents can completely reshape and improve the environment they are working in. A quality change agent will possess a number of innovative qualities.

First, a change agent must have a clear vision of the future and be capable of communicating this vision effectively. The ability to accurately convey an idea is what distinguishes a common authority or executive from a true agent of change. Similarly, while change agents feel passionately about change, they must also have the skills to inspire passion in those around them. Most importantly, a change agent must understand the people with whom they are working. Patience and persistence are key elements when facilitating change, and knowing when to allow someone a little more time and when to encourage them to work harder is a constant balancing act all change agents must learn to perfect.


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