New York’s Drinking Driving Program

Carl Militello has worked in public education for over 30 years, a career which has included roles as superintendent of schools in four separate districts. In addition, Carl Militello has served as an assistant professor with the New York State Drinking Driving Program at Erie Community College in Buffalo.

New York State drivers convicted of an alcohol- or illegal substance-related driving violation face having their license revoked for a period of time commensurate with the offense. However, certain drivers may qualify for a conditional license in order to take part in the New York State Drinking Driver Program (DDP).

The DDP is designed to reduce the annual number of vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities caused by drivers operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Students in the class are educated in the dangers of driving under the influence through multimedia presentations, discussions, and interactive lessons. Participants are screened to determine whether they have a substance-abuse problem or could have one in the near future. Upon completion of the program, participants may be eligible to resume driving privileges.